Our Professional Staff

When you work with Loveless & Loveless, you will spend time with both lawyers and staff. Our lawyers are proud of our staff and find that our clients are always comfortable working with them. Our Paralegal, Stephanie Elvington will work with you as we move through your case. You will likely have your first contact with her when you call to set up your initial consultation.

When you hire our firm, our team may perform a variety of duties on your case under your lawyers’ direction. This may include:

  • gathering information from you that we need;
  • working on pleadings to be filed with the Court;
  • talking with you on the telephone;
  • setting hearings and filing documents;
  • communicating with the other attorney’s office;
  • preparing discovery and discovery responses;
  • interviewing witnesses;
  • preparing for hearings and trial;
  • preparing correspondence and memorandums;
  • performing research;
  • preparing email and responding to email about your case;
  • preparing other documents, including final orders, spreadsheets, inventories, etc. as your case requires.

The work that they will assist with is significant. Both Stephanie and Scarlett are invaluable parts of our team here at Loveless & Loveless, Attorneys at Law, L.P.

Loveless & Loveless shares a receptionist, Neena Williams, with the rest of the building. She is the one who will usually answer the telephone when you call. The firm employs a clerk named Scarlett Perritt, who you will rarely speak to but still an integral part of our team, helping us with many necessary tasks associated with your case.

Our Staff Members

  • Stephanie Elvington, Paralegal
  • Scarlett Perritt, Clerk

Our staff will work with you, performing important tasks to serve your legal needs. We share a receptionist, Neena Williams with all other firms in the building.

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