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At Loveless & Loveless, we understand that litigation is never anyone’s first choice when it comes to filing for a divorce. That’s why we always offer and recommend our collaborative divorce services. However, we understand that, for various reasons, a collaborative approach may not be possible. In those circumstances, our dedicated and compassionate law team will be glad to diligently represent your interests in divorce litigation proceedings, no matter how complex they may become.

When Mediation and Collaborative Divorce Efforts Fail

Anytime a divorce fails mediation efforts and proceeds to trial, the stakes become significantly higher. The focus shifts from determining a fair, equitable arrangement to what often may become a winner-take-all struggle.

At Loveless & Loveless, we understand how emotionally draining and stressful such proceedings can be and how this is only exacerbated by the personal and emotional toll a divorce takes on our clients and their families. That’s why we do everything in our power to make divorce litigation proceedings as easy on you as possible. What’s more, we can offer legal clarity and a clear point of view during overly emotional disputes concerning property and children.

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The Process of a Contested Divorce

When a couple cannot agree about how to settle differences during a divorce, the state of Texas becomes involved through the court system. The process may vary based upon the county and specific circumstances of your divorce, but the process in the state of Texas for a contested divorce is:

  1. Pleadings are the first part of the hearing, in it “Standing Orders” are typically issued that go into effect the moment the court files the case. It is not unusual for a temporary restraining order to be included at this stage along with other filings.
  2. The spouse who files for divorce must “serve” the other spouse the divorce. In Texas, the “respondent,” or the spouse being served, has a short window of time they can respond.
  3. A temporary is held where the Judge can issue orders that will hold while the divorce is still pending. These usually address things like support, custody, and visitation.
  4. The next phase is the discovery phase where both parties gather and present information that supports their case. It is vital you have an experienced attorney help you with this.
  5. Next the divorce is finalized and the court makes a decision on contested assets, businesses, properties, and if applicable, custody rights.

Ultimately, your best chance at protecting your legal rights and possessions during a contested divorce is to hire an experience family law attorney who is familiar with the court system and has a strong record of successfully representing clients in similar divorce proceedings. For those in Denton and the surrounding attorney, Loveless & Loveless is such a team of attorneys. Give us a call today at 940-387-3776 or fill out the form on this page.

Protecting Your Legal Rights

It’s important to understand that during a divorce litigation, you will have no control over what your spouse or their attorney choose to do in court. This means you have no guarantee that they will proceed in good faith on behalf of your children, property, family business, or anything else. Therefore, you must do everything in your power to protect your legal rights during these proceedings.

For those living in Denton County who believe they will soon be facing divorce litigation proceedings, the best thing you can do is to find qualified and experience legal representation as soon as possible. Loveless & Loveless has been serving Denton county and the surroundings with qualified, diligent, and compassionate divorce representation services for years. Give our office a call today at 940-387-3776 to discuss your case.

Custody Litigation, Child Support, and Modification

Unfortunately, litigated divorces in the state of Texas often come with additional legal burdens and trials. In situations where there is are children, the court will also address questions of child custody as well as child support. What’s more, if you or your spouse moves or decides you want to change the arrangement the court makes in your divorce settlement, a modification will need to be filed within the applicable county court system.

In all these cases, you cannot risk your legal rights as a guardian or parent to be compromised or lost by not finding strong representation in court. There are too many issues and too many emotions involved for anyone to be able to expect to be able to represent themselves effectively during divorce litigation proceedings.

Loveless & Loveless will fight on your behalf through your divorce settlement, from mediation, to litigation, custody battles, and more. If you would like to know more about how we can help you in your situation and you live in Denton County or the surrounding areas, give our team a call today at 940-387-3776.

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