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Loveless and Loveless Attorneys at Law, L.P. is a Denton, Texas based law firm. The firm has a long standing reputation of providing the finest legal representation for our clients. Our goal in every case is to assure that our client’s needs in both short term and long term are addressed in the course of bringing to case to a final resolution.

Mediation in Denton County

Mediation can offer the optimum results for many legal cases. It can save both sides costly time spent on preparation for court and with court scheduling difficulties. Mediation also offers each side more power in determining the final outcome and should be considered as a viable option for most cases.

At Loveless & Loveless, we usually recommend you try and settle your lawsuit if it is at all possible to do so, so that you avoid the time and expense of trying your case in the courtroom. Many people are not able to settle their case by themselves and mediation is a very common way to help.

In a mediation, you and your lawyer will stay in one room and discuss the things that are the most important to you, and what you would like to see happen at the end. Another person, known as a mediator, will listen to what you have to say about the case and settlement options. The mediator will then spend time in the other room with your opponent and their attorney. Going back and forth in this manner, the mediator will help to settle the case.

When the case is settled, an agreement is written and signed by the parties and attorneys. This is known as a “mediated settlement agreement”, and is binding except in very rare circumstances.

The attorneys at Loveless & Loveless have participated many mediations and are comfortable with that process. Both Curtis Loveless and Darcy Loveless have worked as mediators themselves.

Arbitration Attorneys

Arbitration is not a “settlement” of your lawsuit. Rather, in an arbitration, you and the other side pay an arbitrator to act as a judge for you. The arbitrator hears evidence and makes a decision on each issue placed before him or her, just as a regular judge would do. This process is most commonly used if the court’s docket is too crowded to have a hearing in a reasonable amount of time, or when your schedule is very difficult to work around.

It can be expensive to pay an arbitrator, but in a situation where a hearing cannot be completed on the regular court’s docket, it can turn into a cost savings to be able to guarantee the time to hear your case on a certain date.

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