Frequently Asked Questions

We have identified some frequently asked questions below that may be helpful to you.  Please remember that the answers that can be given on this website are by necessity broad answers, as the facts and circumstances surrounding your case may lead to a different result than the facts and circumstances of someone else’s case.  Please contact Loveless & Loveless, Attorneys at Law, L.P. to set up an appointment to talk about your specific facts and circumstances and receive our advice about your particular case. Call (940) 387-3776.

General Questions

How much will my case cost?
Will I have to pay the other side’s attorney’s fees?
How long will my case take?


Family Law

How can I make sure that I will get to see my children?
Will I pay or receive child support, and how much?
I am getting a divorce. What will happen to my property?
I want to move away with my children. Can I?
My children’s other parent just moved and took them, too. How can I see them? Can I make them come back?
I am in an abusive relationship. What do I do?
My child’s other parent is using drugs or alcohol. What can I do to protect my child?
Can I record conversations with my spouse or ex-spouse?
Will I have to pay the other side’s attorney’s fees?


Collaborative Divorce

How does the cost of a collaborative case compare to the cost of traditional litigation?
What happens if my case cannot be resolved in the collaborative process?
Why must I get a new attorney if my case moves out the collaborative process?
Our family has had the same financial advisor for many years. Can I use him/her in the collaborative process?


Personal Injury

How do I know if I have a case?
How can I afford a lawyer?
I already have an offer from the insurance company, what should I do?


Eminent Domain

Why do I need a lawyer if I already have an offer of money for my land?
I have no money – how can I pay for a lawyer?

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