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With over 55 years of combined experience, Loveless & Loveless has successfully tried many complex cases to both judges and juries in Denton County and other areas in the State of Texas. We present hard issues persuasively with competence and integrity to serve our clients in the court room.

Complex Decisions During a Difficult Time

Making major decisions during a difficult time is a challenge. When you are looking for an attorney, we suggest the following steps to help make sure you locate the right attorney for your case.

Interview Your Prospective Legal Counsel & Ask Questions. You and your attorney will need to establish a foundation of mutual respect. From the beginning you should be prepared to ask questions and address your concerns in the presence of your prospective attorney.

Be Honest, Straightforward and Complete. Make sure that you relay all the facts to the prospective attorney during your interview, even the ones you believe are not favorable to you. If the attorney is not able to determine both the pros and cons of your position, it will be very difficult for you to get an accurate analysis of your options. There should be no surprises as a case moves forward.

What is the outcome you wish to achieve? Decide what goals you want to achieve and analyze with the prospective attorney whether those goals are realistic. Having specific goals and making a plan with your attorney to achieve those goals is important to the orderly progression of your case.

Ask about your attorney’s qualifications. Find out what experience the attorney has in the area of law in which you need assistance. Find out what county and/or court rooms the attorney routinely practices in, as being familiar with court protocol can be an advantage and many courts have different preferences. Board Certified attorneys such as the attorneys at Loveless & Loveless are specialized in particular areas of law.

Our Firm's Experience

Darcy Loveless and Curtis Loveless have over 55 years of cumulative experience in the practice of law having served clients in hundreds of litigated cases including felony criminal defense, civil trials, and personal injury cases. With over 50 jury trials in the area of child custody litigation alone, Darcy and Curtis focus a large portion of their practice on Family Law. Both are Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in the area of Family Law.

Experienced Denton Litigation Attorneys

What is the best path to pursue? Ask the attorney what alternatives are available to resolve your legal issues aside from going to court. Court hearings are almost always the most stressful days in a lawsuit, and mediation, settlement conferences, or collaborative law are some approaches that can keep you from having hearings at the courthouse

Listen, make notes, organize them into a list. Listen carefully to the attorney you are interviewing and make a reasoned decision as to why you believe the attorney would be a good representative for you. List the pros and cons of the attorney and law firm if it will help you see them more clearly.

Consider All of Your Options

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The decision to engage in a lawsuit is a major one.  Even if you are satisfied with the result of your case, you will almost certainly find the process to be stressful, and an unplanned financial hardship. This can be reason to consider alternatives to the process of litigation…

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