Attorney Shayna Sanborn


Family Law, Divorce

As an attorney with a Masters in Social Work, Ms. Sanborn has practiced Family Law since 2004. Ms. Sanborn represents and counsels individuals during extremely difficult times, including divorce, child custody, post-divorce division of property, child/spousal support enforcement, modification cases, and litigation involving the Texas Attorney General and Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Ms. Sanborn has additionally represented individuals in adoptions, grandparents’ rights cases, name changes, and protective orders. Ms. Sanborn has represented numerous children as an Attorney Ad Litem or Amicus Attorney appointed by various courts, or as requested by other attorneys.

Ms. Sanborn served as a briefing attorney for Justice Eva Guzman at the Fourteenth Court of Appeals, prior to Justice Guzman’s appointment to the Texas Supreme Court. Ms. Sanborn prides herself in the ability to maneuver the court system with her clients and provide counsel on complex areas of the law, while maintaining integrity and focusing on the best interests of her clients, children and families.

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